4D Polychora on youtube

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4D Polychora on youtube

Postby tuvel » Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:39 pm

Hey guys,

I had made a whole bunch of animations of as many polychora as I could
get net data (or figure it out) for back in 2004. I've finally found
them, and I'm uploading as many of them as I can to youtube. It's not
the best resolution - but it's all I can do at the moment. :) So,
you'll see the 5-Cell, 8-Cell, 16-Cell, 24-Cell, 120-Cell, 600-Cell,
and a few bitruncates, cantellated, and cantitruncated stuff. More to
come including a few segmentochora, a glome, and some duoprisms. Hope
you like 'em! :D


- Burt (aka Tuvel) 8)
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Re: 4D Polychora on youtube

Postby quickfur » Tue Oct 21, 2008 2:46 am

Tuvel!! You're back online!! The animations are awesome. Do you have your website back up? I miss those nice animations you put up way back when (I still have a couple on my HD).
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