NPP2. Theory of nuclear matter

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NPP2. Theory of nuclear matter

Postby RobertBryant » Mon Sep 30, 2019 6:19 am

An emergent theory of nuclear matter
NPP2 by Jurg Wyttenbach a physicist with a strong mathematical background..
explains mass and gravity inter alia ... b982655cb9.
Help needed to further develop the theory and applications.

Gravity is mediated by the interaction of the perturbative mass of the electron with the proton.
but not the electron in the neutron.
The 8 digit precision value for G 6.67E-11 is produced by the theory , encapsulated in a formula in which the fine structure constant is to the power 12

All mass is actioned by the 2,3,4,5 rotations at lightspeed of electromagnetic flux in 2D,3D,4D compartments.
Mass ,energy, electromagnetics and gravity are unified.

NPP2 Theory is superior to the Diracian-Bohrian Standard model which has failed to explain nuclear properties for the last ninety years.
Example the best SM-QED/QCD value(2015) for the neutron/proton mass difference is 1.51+-0.39 MeV
The precision of NPP2 postdicted values for proton/neutron.electron mass/moments
and gamma and ionization spectra of isotopes and atoms is at the 6-10 digit precision level.
Example( n-p) mass diff=1.293332 MeV.
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