4th Dimension Theory

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4th Dimension Theory

Postby brandon53 » Tue May 16, 2006 6:26 pm

Just a novice’s theory, but I’d like to hear what others think.

We know that humans and animals are carbon based life forms, and that all matter is at a constant state of vibration. Now imagine a physical cube. It has length, width, and depth; much like a human being does. Perhaps the forth dimension could be measured in consciousness and life. Just because a cube is not a living, breathing organism doesn’t deny the fact that its particles are in a constant motion. Perhaps the 4th dimension is a measurement of consciousness.

The length, width and depth of 3 dimensional objects change depending on what the object is. Perhaps something inanimate, such as a lamp, has a very small measurement in its 4th dimension. It may not be aware of itself like a person is, but it’s still moving and still has its own aura. Whereas a gorilla or even a human being would have a much larger measurement in its 4th dimension.

Just a thought…
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Postby Keiji » Tue May 16, 2006 6:51 pm

Topic moved...

I don't see any logic in your ideas, maybe you could explain them better.
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Postby jinydu » Wed May 17, 2006 5:45 am

Have you read the FAQ yet? A four-dimensional vector space is defined not be some vague idea such as "consciousness and movement" but as a set with two operations that obeys the vector space axioms and whose bases contain four elements.

For example, the set of all complex polynomials of degree at most 3 is a 4-dimensional vector space.
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Re: 4th Dimension Theory

Postby anatomy » Mon Mar 22, 2010 1:08 pm

i kind of agree with brandon.how could you experience any dimension without consciousness.
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Re: 4th Dimension Theory

Postby PWrong » Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:08 am

That's not the point. You can't experience anything without consciousness. Doesn't mean everything is consciousness or is measured by consciousness.
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Re: 4th Dimension Theory

Postby metatronscube » Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:21 am

There is a singularity to all things before they are even defined. The act of defining such an idea changes the all possibilities of having an idea into an idea of singular conscious perspective. The one who conciouslly acts in a state of thought is coming up with a two dimensional idea which is of their own and is a result of only the infinite possibilities that someday they will think of something or someone. The act of being unaware of the endlessness of all possibilities is the act of being unaware of all that is what we call GOD. GOD is merely a source of anything possible. Anything Possible is neither a singular thought nor a direction that can establish any singular relationship to any sort of two dimensional idea. GOD is all possibilities that we conjure throughout our individual expression of thought in which we where just a week ago or even a year ago not sure of as having, but the possibility of us having this thought of a spatial and two dimensional idea was always and remains to be always a possibility of our own devise. This is why all possibilities is Gods source of eternity. The source of anything possible is not bound to the physicality of time or space. But merely time and space are governed by the actions and reactions of things that where and always remain possibilities. The future holds all possibilities as does the present. The past even though we have lived it and know of events for certain as in their relationship and meaning to our own life cannot be factually and 100% proven because even though we know them to have occurred as fact we cannot go about a way of proving exactly as to the nature of how or when or even why that event occurred. This is why even the past holds all possibilities. But the past can be acknowledged as an individual motive of present self expression of all possibilities giving a direction to where their future will take them. But in their path through life the singularity or 1st dimension is the dimension of God or all possibilities. The 2nd dimension is that of all possibilities separating themselves into possible outcomes for each individual consciously aware being who from their establishes infinite possibilities of their personal creation into their own self expressive idea. The 3rd dimension is the dimension in which motion meets a 2 dimensional thought conjured by the individual and from there is acted upon in a sense of 3 dimensional physically local and tangible matter. This is like a man who wants to invent something turns a thought which he was unaware that he would have 10 years ago into a reality or physically touchable and tangible object for all others to denote as existing. This type of creation is the product of original consciousness or all things that are possible. And all things that come as possibilities are infinite and nature but divided by each individual to be used as a means of self expression or understanding in their relationship to the meaning of life. This is why anything that takes place from the in the 2nd (thought) 3rd (thought in physicality) and 4th (time or motion of thought) is the product of a infinite list of possibilities or the 1st dimension. That is why none of us are different in the source of where we get our conscious perspective from. It is from god who is infinite possibilities and is infinite for all who understand this because you cant have anymore or any less of something infinite. And something infinite is something we term to define the result of our thought and the motion we took towards creating it physicality. This is why if you want to get into the 4th dimension you must find a way to forget the separateness and physicality of all things around you and understand that what allows you to objectify at those geometrical and physical objects is the same throughout all past present and future meaning that you can and are literally living among st your own birth and your own death at the same time. So if this consciousness is unbound by time and we define it to ourselves in accordance to all others around us then it would be wise to connect within our own relationship instead of manifesting our thoughts into actual things for the betterment and enhancing of trying to know where we came from. It just wont work. Where you came from is where you are where you will go and where you have been all at the same time and to even see further than that is possible since the beginning of everything came about when infinite possibilities emerged which is before matter or space existed and the very power of sight and acknowledgement of all things physical is the very power we all have of infinite possibilities which is our consciousness after all. some quotes for thought "wherever you go there you are" "i think therefore i am" "the very act of observing the universe creates the universe"
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Re: 4th Dimension Theory

Postby raindog » Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:31 am

For me, I try not to get too hung up on geometric and mathematical descriptions of the 4th dimension. Lets face it, even those explanations are just imperfect, 2-dimensional representations in a 3-dimensional reality. Sometimes I think the left brain just obscures our view of things. I think one has to think of time differently, to conceive of 4-dimensions. My explanation is this...stop thinking of time as linear and imagine all time as existing simultaneously. Imagine the physical universe from beginning to end, and everything in between, existing together as one. Think of it as a big, beautiful piece of art. Each, galaxy, solar system, star, planet, moon, life-form etc....each would manifest itself as it's own unique "brush-stroke" in this mind-boggling, 4-D sculpture. Since we don't really understand exactly what happened at the beginning of the universe, and we don't know what's going to happen at the end, you have to fudge a little there. Who knows, it may be cyclical. Anyway, that's the concept in my opinion. From this linear view of time in our dimension you cannot see this, but you CAN imagine it.
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Re: 4th Dimension Theory

Postby ICN5D » Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:33 pm

I think I see the point Brandon was making. Essentially, our 3D size is just out body. But, that 3D object is extruded along the temporal axis, if we allow time to be a 4th one. This is assuming we use only 3 for space. So, essentially, we're time-worms with terribly frayed and split ends. The ends are all of the trajectories of our atoms upon birth and death. But, for a moment, during our life, we existed as a compact entwined cluster of atoms vibrating in harmony. Then of course, there's the input and output of food, a constant stream of replenishing atoms, which cycle through us every 7 years. So, I guess we're more like trees with roots and branches! Memory could be us tapping into that earlier part of our time-worm section, in the physical past. I think this is the "4D consciousness" part. Probably more related to lifespan than intelligence level.
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Re: 4th Dimension Theory

Postby anderscolingustafson » Fri Feb 21, 2014 5:05 pm

Consciousness can be easily explained without having a fourth dimension so there is no need to use a fourth dimension to explain consciousness. Consciousness is just electrical impulses moving through the brain and so it needs no extra dimensions to be explained.
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