Mathematically Inspired Spiritual Beliefs

Discussions about the possibility of consciousness, free will, spirits, deities, religions and so on, and how these might interact with time travel, the Big Bang, many worlds and so on.

Mathematically Inspired Spiritual Beliefs

Postby ICN5D » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:57 pm

I've been atheistic most of my life, with some exceptions. It doesn't matter what you believe in, when the pilot comes on the intercom and says there's a problem with the plane, you're praying to something or someone. Been there before, long time ago.

But I learned some things while exploring in calcplot3d. From playing with equations of higher dimensional objects, I found that a thing or object can be very close by to you, but just outside your lower dimensional space. Hidden in a higher dimension(s). It can be right there , next to you, and you have no idea it even exists. Directly or indirectly. You can pull a hypercube all the way out of a 3D space, so that you can't see it anymore, but it still very much exists. Algebraically, this is when we see the square root of negative numbers in a solution.

And so, it made me think. It's nothing more than a pure mathematical truth, open to no interpretations of any kind. It made me agnostic to some kind of higher dimensional 'god being' , or something to that effect. Saying 'god is imaginary' is the one finest examples of an oxymoronic pun I've ever seen. It's mathematical truth :)

But anyways, I get the feeling that these entities are here to observe, listen, and help when asked. They can't directly intrude into our existence like some 'act of god', but they can influence the probabilities of actions and events. And all we have to do is ask. We have nothing to lose by assuming they're there. If they do exist, and we never ask for help, then we're missing out on some greater aspect of the unknown universe.

Perhaps the gods are scientists, and we were designed in some sort of 3d cellular automation program running for billions of years. Perhaps our reality is a low-dimension simulation in a high dimensional space, which has been programmed to create an evolving society, as genuine as possible. Of course, we humans on Earth are just one little line of code, among billions of worlds within billions of galaxies across the whole timeline of this cute little universe. Why would someone want to do this? Perhaps to learn more about themselves, as if created in there own image.
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Re: Mathematically Inspired Spiritual Beliefs

Postby Hugh » Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:15 am

Fascinating reading. Thinking outside of the simple 3D box. :D

There is a similar feeling for me too, that there are higher dimensional aspects to ourselves and the universe that we have yet to fully understand.

We’ve talked about Visual Reorientation Illusions (VRIs), and for me, they’re evidence everyday that extra lines of sight exist within a higher dimensional reality. I mean if one can look “all the way around” a 1D flagpole from different angles there has to be at least 2D available, so being able to look “all the way around” a 3D room from different angles indicates at least the existence of 4D. :)

I’ve often thought we are in some kind of simulation as well, being observed by creator beings or being.There is just too much complexity and order for everything to have just come randomly out of nothingness. One can’t get anything at all in the first place if there is absolute nothingness to begin with. You need to begin with at least physical laws and a potential in order to create something, which absolute nothingness doesn’t include. Something has to have always existed forever, infinitely in the past, and that something continues to exist right now, and will probably continue to exist forever into the future. It could be a creator god, or the universe, or the multiverse, or something beyond our current imagination, but it does exist, that thing that is greater than us, that existed before us, and will exist after us. I wish I could talk to it and understand the totality of reality and existence, but in a sense, I am doing that right now, only in a very small way, a tiny piece of reality at a time, and it is fun, and I am blessed to be able to enjoy it. :)
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Re: Mathematically Inspired Spiritual Beliefs

Postby wendy » Fri Feb 15, 2019 9:41 am

To me, the gods satisfy an anthropological need. This explains the great diversity of gods and laws and languages: people will create something that satisfies this need. Of course, once you have god as an anthropological need, it is easy to study histories of religion as a matter of history, and repetitions of rites as precautions of the past. The various elements of religion can be felt elsewhere too. Religion feeds on the same source of human energy that in more intense forms, are found in mobs. Unfed of this energy, religions and gods die.

The mathematics of things like isomorphism, and things like the stott vectors, are interesting because some of our mathematics is that we are looking at shadows of things like the cat's cradle and other string illusions, and not seeing it. Instead, we see the shadow.

There is a poem by T. S. Elliot, i think is called the shadow. Between the thought and the action falls the shadow. Likewise, there is a book by Krishnamuti, which is called 'Reality and Actuality'. These present a world where one can only touch the abstractions of it. When we say this is a thing, we identify parts that are of it, and parts that are not of it. We draw out of a picture something that has a name (like tree or bicycle). When something is made, it stops being different things, and becomes a unity.

There were a good number of discussions as to what the nature of polytopes was, and one of the things here that i said was you have to identify it. That is, go up with a marker and say 'this is its vertex' and this area is its face. &c. But actuality does not work like that. It;s like the dots on your television screen, a series of dots of varying states. It is our mind that creates the things on the screen.
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