Non-Physical Dimensions

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Non-Physical Dimensions

Postby Pentoon » Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:57 am

A dimension is a line in which points represent numerical values. We think of physical dimensions such as height, width and length as having units of measure for length. We use units such as metres, feet, millimeters, inches, and so on. A box can be one metre high, two feet wide, and thirteen inches long. Usually, we measure the three dimensions using the same units of measure, such as 39 inches by 24 inches by 13 inches.

I like to consider the notion that there are an unlimited number of physical higher dimensional universes, of 4, 5, and n dimensions. These universes would measure their various lengths with inches, feet, metres and so on.

But there are non-physical entities that can also be thought of in linear form, such as honesty and dishonesty, which would be the two directions in the integrity dimension, or righteousness and unrighteousness, the two directions in the moral dimension. You can assign values to these directions by observing behavior. For instance, if a being steals $100, he is one-tenth as dishonest as a being who steals $1,000. You can place their degrees of travel in the integrity dimension based on the numeric dollar value of how much they've stolen.

Thus, you can picture non-physical characteristics in any number of dimensions. May I suggest that our universe has a continuous moral dimension, with all manner of values possible all the way from unrighteousness to righteousness? Perhaps in the moral dimension God is flat, and has only one point of perfect righteousness, and hell is flat, and has only one point of unrighteousness. It is only in our own universe, as far as we know, that we have freedom to go sliding back and forth in the moral dimension, which is as slippery as a lake of solid ice with an oil slick coating. Of our own free will, we never stay at the one point of righteousness.

People who are trying to stay righteous and slip toward the depths of unrighteousness can be spoken of as "backsliding."
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Re: Non-Physical Dimensions

Postby anderscolingustafson » Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:07 am

For instance, if a being steals $100, he is one-tenth as dishonest as a being who steals $1,000. You can place their degrees of travel in the integrity dimension based on the numeric dollar value of how much they've stolen.

While stilling is certainly illegal and immoral it is not always dishonest. I mean if you told someone you were going to still something from him/her and then stole that thing from him/her you would certainly be committing a crime and doing something immoral but you would not be lying because you would have told the truth that you were going to steel something before steeling that something. So how much one steels is not always what determines how dishonest someone is although someone who steels a lot will usually probably be dishonest as well in order to try to avoid getting caught.

The way to figure out what coordinates someone is in the dimension of honesty and dishonesty is by figuring how much a person lies and tells the truth. Of course if we have honesty and dishonesty as a non physical dimension then besides measuring where someone is in the honesty/dishonesty dimension we can also measure how big someone is in that dimension as well just as we measure someones size in the spacial and time dimensions. We can measure the size of a person in the dimension of honesty/dishonesty based on how consistent that person is in the honesty dishonesty dimension.

Also with the moral dimension I think the most objective way to tell were something is in that dimension is threw how much destruction something causes or how much it builds someone or something up. So for instance destroying a planet would be in and of it self immoral while creating a planet would be moral because it would would be building something. Also colonizing another planet to allow life from our planet to expand into a new biosphere would be in and of it self a moral act because it would be building new space for life to exist while destroying life on our planet would be immoral. I would say that the proper unit of measurement for the dimension of morality would be a measure of destruction and creation or building. Also the size of something in the moral dimension could be measured based on the difference between the destruction and benefits. For instance killing a cow for food is whether big in the moral dimension as at it's moral most point it gives humans food for pleasure and energy to survive and reproduce but at the immoral most point it takes the life of an animal.
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