Modularity and self reference in life, universe and music

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Modularity and self reference in life, universe and music

Postby Akira Bergman » Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:51 pm

Consider the following septet of septets in ordered stacks;

a. (Tail,Feet,Legs,Torso,Arms,Hands,Head)
b. (Lungs,Stomach,Vagina,Heart,Penis,Liver,Kidneys)

c. (Body,Eyes,Mouth,Brain,Nose,Ears,Balance-rings)
d. (Spine,Occipital,Cerebellum,Basal-Ganglia,Fore-brain,Temporal,Parietal)

e. (Touch,See,Taste,Sense,Smell,Hear,Balance)
f. (Observe,Move,Feed,Communicate,Feel,Think,Judge)

X. (e,c,a,x,b,d,f)

The septets have dual modularity combining the symmetries of numbers 2 and 3, each mediated by the center;


Defining 3 dimensions in the shape of hexagon, when represented in 2 dimensions. The symmetry of colors and sound harmony. All elements of the septets could be further expanded into sub-septets giving a self reference of depth one, although it may not look too obvious for some of them. Legs-Feet and Arms-Hands display this symmetry more obviously than others. For example the finger-like structures of the eyes and ears are not very obvious, let alone the heart, but I think it can be done.

Organs of the torso come in mediated dualities. As such, Stomach should be considered together with it's (Mouth,Anus) duality. Similarly for Vagina and Penis; Ovaries and Testicles.

The central rhythmic role of Basal-Ganglia is well known. Compared with the other mediators, it fits well. Maybe it should be considered together with Thalamus which has the central switching role connecting the cortex to it's field of senses. Kidney-Lung connection is mentioned in the net and seems reasonable. Stomach-Liver connection is pretty clear. They should be considered with their counterparts; Intestines and Pancreas.

(e,f) are software, (c,d) are middleware, and (a,b) are hardware, if compared to computers. Each sense is first transformed and then transmitted to the brain by specialized connections. 'x' mediates all 6 mediators and I can't quite figure out what it is at the moment.


The following quartet is for the universe;



Where Strong is expanded into it's color charges. Green is for anti-Red and so on. Strong mediates all forces, being the strongest. Space-Time is taken as a field like others and couples to Weak. I think this is reasonable. The second law and time's directionality weaken towards smaller scale.

Gravity-Light coupling is obvious because of the equivalence principle. In fact each duality could stand for it's own principle of equivalence. This remains to be proven. The other dualities may have some hysteresis, unlike Light-Gravity, but it may also have some form of hysteresis under some conditions. This reasoning assumes that each duality come with some kind of balance, like that of supply-demand of economics.

If the life classification is considered, three septets corresponding to 'software' and coordination functions are missing. My guess is that they are related to the Dark Energy. In life, intelligence and awareness weighs the most in some respect, when the success of humans is considered. Not to say that DE is self aware but it is very important in cosmology, as it has the most of the universe's mass, yet it is hidden like Higgs.


Music also comes with septets;



The harmonic space of music expands around the strong notes (C,E,G,B) and their dual counterparts (C,A,F,D). A is backward 3rd, F is backward 5th, and D is backward 7th. C mediates 3 dualities;


giving 3 dimensions. I am still thinking about it's dual.
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